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ARF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit

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ARF is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to rescuing homeless dogs and cats in Mobile! Be a part of this lifesaving effort!

"I volunteer at ARF every Thursday night and when I hear things about boxes of puppies being dropped off or pregnant mama dogs being tied to the fence, it's easy to get discouraged and see all that is wrong in the world. Then I look around and see the team of dedicated people working alongside me and I get the renewed sense of hope that people do care... and are making a difference. I'm proud to be part of the ARF team. You should want to be part of that team too. It represents all that is right in our sometimes ugly world. " - Melissa

ARFan Care aka Kennel Duty- If you want the most hands on time with our animals, this is the position for you! Our ARFanage has really nice indoor/outdoor suites giving our canine ARFans a loving and caring environment while they await their forever homes.  To care for these sweet babies, we work in three different shifts (AM, mid-day and PM) to feed, play with and clean up after the ARFans on a daily basis.  Our shifts are scheduled in either 2 or 4 hour blocks. You can schedule multiple shifts a week or just one a month or anything in between. Kennel duty affords round the clock volunteer opportunities so you can come after work, on weekends, or whenever your schedule gives you a couple free hours.

Fostering - Even though we have the ARFanage, we still rely heavily on foster homes for our animals. There is nothing like being in a real home with a real family to get our ARFans ready for their future. Most of our fosters select a dog and foster until it is adopted. Our foster families play a huge role by taking them to adoption events, updating their bios and pictures and showcasing their foster. But, we also have a team of "relief" fosters. These are people willing to open their home a few nights (like dog sitting a foster dog so the permanent foster can go on  vacation). We also have medical fosters who will bring home an animal with special needs (like 6-8 weeks for heartworm treatment). Please visit our Foster page for much more information.

Vet Transports - All of our animals are spayed and neutered, so one of the first things we do when we get a new dog or cat is schedule a vet visit.  Would you be willing to pick up a dog or cat and deliver them to the vet’s office?  Or pick them up in the afternoon and bring them back?  Being a vet transport is as simple as saying "yes" when you have time and it will help us immensely.

Fundraising/Public Relations - Are you creative? Outgoing? A go-getter? A people person? Then, our fundraising and PR team might be just the place for you. Fundraising is an important part of keeping us going. We're non-profit that relies solely on donations, so without a stellar fundraising team, we could not do the work we do and we could not save lives. Our PR team also closely works with fundraising. You can see them on Studio 10 showcasing our pet of the week! We are always looking for fresh ideas from new people, so please consider our Fundraising and PR team.

Medical Care -ARF has a small in-house clinic located inside the ARFanage with some very dedicated volunteers who work with our veterinarian to provide much of the medical care our ARFans need. If you have medical skills (vet tech, nurse, etc.)  we'd love experienced hands. If you're an aspiring vet or vet tech, we will also train motivated volunteers.

Grant Writing - In addition to the donations we receive from the generous people of Mobile, we also receive various grants during the year. Our grants team is responsible for applying for grants as well as managing existing ones. Are you organized or a great writer? Then we could use your skills on the grants team.

Odd Jobs -There are always a multitude of small jobs, and while they are not hard, they can be time consuming.  For example - clean laundry is a must to keeping our animals happy and healthy.  We have a great laundry room with a full size washer / dryer and folding areas.  Oh, and  sweeping and dusting our public areas is another, cutting the grass ...well you get the idea.  Could you help with some odd jobs?

Volunteer with ARF


Did you know that ARF is a volunteer run organization?


The volunteers don't just do the work, they make ARF work.  When people think about a rescue or a shelter, "dog walker" usually comes to mind but here at ARF, we need that and much more. Whatever your talents, we need you!


Here are some of our current needs but its certainly not all inclusive. If you have a talent, skill or asset that you think could benefit ARF, we would love to hear from you.

Behavior and Evaluations - Calling all dog trainers! Or, have you trained and worked with your own pets? Our behavior and evaluations team is always looking for a little training help. We deal with everything from correcting behavior issues to simply teaching the basic commands. We also do temperament testing at ARF to help match our pets to the perfect home. If you can teach a dog to sit, or want to learn to assess whether a dog is cat friendly, the behavior and evaluations team is a great place to gain some dog experience. We always welcome  professionals to continue building our program and we are excited to train dog savvy volunteers. Or, consider our easiest volunteer opportunity of all ... The Chill Time Project! 

Handyman and maintenance- Boy do we love the ARFange! But, with all the animals and volunteers, we can have quite the wear and tear. We always have a list of repairs and could use handy types to help keep the ARFanage in tip top shape. If you can fix a broken door handle, trouble shoot the washing machine , patch a hole in the wall or oil some sticky gate latches, we need you!

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