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ARF is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to rescuing homeless dogs and cats in Mobile! Be a part of this lifesaving effort!

Things to consider when adopting a pet...

Congratulations on choosing to rescue a pet! Bringing home a new pet is always a big decision. This guide will help you make sure you've covered all your bases. Adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment. As a rescue, we always take our dogs back if an owner can't keep them, they're ARF dogs for life but we adopt them out with every intention that they will spend the rest of their lives with their new family. Are you ready for pet ownership?


Number 1, rescue pets aren't perfect


Scratch that. No pets are perfect and neither are people. Each pet is a unique individual that you will grow to love and cherish. We can never promise a dog won't chew your favorite shoes or have an accident on the floor. Don't fret though, there are so many simple solutions for behavior problems and a little training goes a long way. No matter where you get a pet, training is going to be necessary. Are you experienced in dog training? Have you read any books on dog training? Looked into the cost of dog trainers or obedience classes? These are all things to consider before you adopt a pet. If you need any recommendations, just ask!


Adopting a pet requires commitment


Rescue dogs come from varied and sometimes not so nice pasts. They may have come from a home or have wandered the streets. Each animal at ARF has undergone temperament testing and our adoption counselors work hard to match the right dogs with the right people. But, adapting to a new home can often be a slow process. It may take weeks to months for a dog to truly settle into your home. We ask that you go into the entire experience with an open mind, some patience and a lot of love. Of course, if the adoption truly isn't working out, we always take our rescues back. But, we also expect you to work with your rescue. ARF has many resources to assist you in acclimating your new pets to your home. We will support you if you make the commitment!


Please be honest with us and yourself on what you're looking for in a pet


As you fill out your adoption application and speak with our adoption counselors, remember honesty is the best policy. Dogs come in many shapes and sizes and we want to match you with one that is best suited to you. Don't try to impress us by saying you'll jog 5 miles a day with your dog if you haven't gone running since 8th grade. If you go home with an energetic dog that does truly need those daily jogging sessions, the adoption won't be successful since its unlikely you will suddenly become a runner or that the dog will become a couch potato. Go into the adoption process with the life you have, not the life you think you will have. Certainly, pet ownership can make you more active but think in baby steps, not huge leaps.


Please be patient during the adoption process


We do our best to review applications ASAP but it does take us time to review your application, check vet references, etc. We may also need more information or clarification from you. Our goal is to make the perfect people-pet match. ARF also reserves the right to conduct a home visit on any and all our adoptions. This will help us place our dogs in a family most perfectly matched to their personality. We adopt to a wide variety of homes (fence, no fence, renters, etc.) but please don't be offended if we don't think a pet will be a good match with your home. We will work with you to find a pet that fits your living situation. We want you and your pet to be happy forever!


What you need to get started


Bringing a new pet home requires a lot of pet supplies to keep your new best friend happy and healthy. Here's a short list of the must have items and other costs associated with owning a pet.







Identification tags


Food and Water Bowl



Toys - durable chew toys, balls, rope, etc.




Nail Clippers

Dog Shampoo and other grooming supplies



Heartworm preventative

Flea and Tick Preventative

Annual exam at Vet

Grooming Expenses




Identification Tags

Food and Water Bowl


Litter Box

Cat Litter

Carrier for transporting to vet, etc.


Scratching posts/toys



Grooming Supplies



Flea Preventative

Annual Exam at Vet

Grooming expenses