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ARF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit

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ARF is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to rescuing homeless dogs and cats in Mobile! Be a part of this lifesaving effort!

The Dog House

All of our canine ARFans reside in Building 3 of the ARFanage... it's our giant dog house!  The dog house is home to anywhere between 50 and 65 dogs. Additionally, many of our ARFans live with foster families.


Our dog facilities are designed to give dogs the least "shelter" like environment possible. We thrive to have an environment where our dogs can be calm and happy and enjoy plenty of interaction with people and each other.


Unlike many other shelter facilities, ARF chooses to house many of our residents in groups living environments. Our dog house is a series of multidog suites as well as a few solo rooms for the ARFans who need their own space.

















































Our behavior team carefully temperament tests each dog that ARF intakes to understand their individual personalities. They are then grouped together with a couple ofdogs destined to be their friends and playmates.


The puppies at ARF also get their own special space, our Puppy Suite. This suite features an extra large run (more like a yard!) filled with things to hide in, climb on and of course, lots of toys. The puppies need their own special place to learn and grow. You won't be able to help smiling at the puppies in action.


ARF also has a very special room for our very special dog, Sweetheart. After a couple years with ARF, it became quite clear that Sweetheart had found her home with us. In the spring of 2013, ARF's board of directors decided to officially adopted her and give her the bedroom of her dreams. Stop by to see her very sweet decor.


Our dog building is also home to our medical program. We have our very own mini vet office set up inside. Under the direction of a vet, we are able to provide much of our care right at ARF saving us money and giving our ARFans even better care. More information on our Shelter Medicine program is available here.

In an effort to make our shelter a little more like home, we have several areas outfitted with couches, chairs and "normal" furniture. In addition to being comfy waiting areas for people, they offer a good learning environment for the dogs. We've launched our Chill Time Project to help teach our dogs how to behave in a home environment. It's a fun and easy way to volunteer that involves little more than hanging out with a dog!


A Day in the Dog House


Wake Up! It's 7 am and the morning kennel volunteers are here!  Kennel volunteers begin letting all the dogs out of their kennels for potty time. Each group of dogs is rotated to our large play yard areas. The play yard has lots room to run and play. While the dogs enjoy play time, their kennels are cleaned, rooms swept and mopped and water replenished.


After everyone has a clean room and plenty of time to play, it's finally breakfast time. Morning kennel shift ends with volunteers putting all the dogs back in their individual kennels for their meal. Our goal is for our dogs to spend as much time out of their kennels as possible each day.

After breakfast and a short nap, our midday crew arrives to let the ARFans play. There is plenty of time for fun and games or maybe a lazy afternoon nap. You're welcome to stop by any weekday from 12pm to 3pm or 11am to 3pm on Saturday to find the dog of your dreams. They'll all be lounging, playing and waiting for you!


At 5pm the evening team arrives and gives the pups their dinner. Then, it's time to play, potty  and have kennels cleaned before bed. Bedtime is at 9 pm and the dogs are definitely ready to crash after a fun day at ARF.

Puppies playing king of the mountain

         Suitemates become best friends

Suites have half doors so volunteers can interact

each room's residents.

Come join the fun! We always need volunteers to help in the dog house.


Simply fill out a volunteer application and then volunteer as much as you can, whether its two hours a month or twice a week.


The ARFans can't wait to meet you!