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ARF is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to rescuing homeless dogs and cats in Mobile! Be a part of this lifesaving effort!

Follow Chester and Lovey's journey to become healthy, happy puppies!


Chester & Lovey have both been adopted!!!


Meet Precious!


Precious and her two puppies were rescued in terrible condition after they were surrendered to a local shelter. To the average person, they looked beyond help. Precious was missing most the hair on her body, covered in sores and mites. But, the Medical Team at ARF saw a fun, sweet little dog underneath. This poor mama had been giving her all to take care of her puppies.


Under ARF's care, Precious and her puppies could finally relax. They  were provided clean, soft beds and plenty of food.


In the following days, ARF's team worked to find and diagnosis all her ailments. Precious was heartworm positive, an all to common finding in strays in our area. Sadly, heartworm is easily prevented by an inexpensive monthly pill from your vet but many dogs do not receive this care.


Slowly but surely, Precious was rid of mites and worms and began to mend. She gained some pep and her real personality came out. Despite her terrible past, it was clear she adored people!





Rounded square

Precious- after her hair returns!

Rounded square

Because her hair loss was so extreme, the Medical Team was unsure if Precious's hair would ever grow back. All that remained were some funny tufts of curly hair that reminded everyone she was a little poodle/schnauzer mix. Her hair appeared a silvery gray while her puppies were a deep black with tan markings- it was quite the mystery. But, what felt like  overnight one random evening, Precious started growing hair! Low and behold, it had a lot of coloration like her puppies.


About the time her hair started growing back and she was feeling strong, a nice gentleman saw her and was quite smitten. He'd lost his mini schnauzer to old age and was missing a companion. Precious really fit the bill but we informed him that we hadn't yet treated her heartworm disease



Heartworm treatment can cost hundreds of dollars and requires over a month of strict kennel rest afterwards. It's no laughing matter. But, after we explained what was left to do for Precious to have a clean bill of health, the man jumped right in and said he'd adopt her and pay for her heartworm treatment! Precious happily went to her new home to be spoiled and finish healing. She is currently undergoing heartworm treatment with her adopter and will make a full recovery!

Precious and one of her puppies - before.

ARF success stories... dogs that have overcome the odds and been nursed back to health by our Medical Team!

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