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ARF is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to rescuing homeless dogs and cats in Mobile! Be a part of this lifesaving effort!

ARF Intake and Surrender Policy

ARF operates a limited-intake shelter called the ARFanage to house both cats and dogs. We also heavily rely on foster homes to extend the reach of our small shelter. ARF is solely funded by donations from our community, and does not receive any funds from local government or national affiliate organizations. Our goal: to create a no-kill community in the Mobile area by working collaboratively with animal control and municipal shelters. We focus our rescue efforts on helping these animals, the ones who are out of time or who have serious medical issues, and give them a safe haven until they can be adopted into a loving permanent home.


Owner Surrenders - Do you need help with a pet you own?


There are resources to help keep your pet in a safe, loving home. Remember that your pet is dependent on you to do what’s best for him/her and there are thousands of cute, smart, and lovable animals already in shelters waiting to be adopted. Please check out our links below to articles, trainers, and other info that may help before you make the decision to give up your pet.


If you still need help placing your pet in a new home, ARF offers Courtesy Listings on Petfinder. Your pet must be spay/neutered, vaccinated, and have no history of aggression. Your pet's information will be placed on Petfinder alongside our other adoptable animals. Petfinder is our biggest asset for placing pets in new homes and is a valuable tool we can extend to help you place your pet in a new home. If your pet is not up to date on vaccinations or altered, there are many low cost options in the Mobile area. Owners are allowed to seek a modest rehoming fee to recover the costs of this vetting.


To post your pet as a Courtesy Listing, please email info@animalrescuemobile.org with the following information: 1. Pet's name 2. Your name 3. Your contact information (email and/or phone) 4. Brief bio about your pet. 5. Vet name and phone number. 6. The modest rehoming fee you’d like to request. ARF confirms that all pets are altered and vaccinated prior to listing on Petfinder.


ARF will occassionally accept owner surrenders on a case-by-case basis when space is available.  In this case, a donation of $50 is required to offset the costs of rehoming your pet. Complete the assistance request form and we will be in touch if we can help. Please note: we cannot accommodate requests for immediate surrender. Surrender requests take a minimum of 24-48 hours to process. Due to the high volume of requests, you will only receive a response if ARF has space available.


All intakes are by appointment only and drop offs at the ARFanage are not accepted. Additionally, ARF does not have an on-site veterinarian. If you find an injured animal, please contact local animal control.


Stray Pets


ARF does not accept stray pets. Any stray animal must be taken to the appropriate municipal shelter to do a "stray hold", the legal period in which an animal must be held to give an owner the chance to reclaim. ARF does not have the resources or authority to rescue stray animals at large. If we bring in stray animals, we must use our limited funds to vaccinate them to protect the animals already in our care. When animals are then reclaimed by owners, we have often used monetary resources and space that could've been more prudently used on a homeless animal.


If an animal is roaming at large, animal control should be contacted. If you do not get a response from animal control in a timely manner, you can contact us at info@animalrescuemobile.org and we will offer more guidance and follow up with the appropriate authority if necessary.


Once this stray hold period has passed at a municipal shelter, ARF may elect to bring this animal into our program. We encourage concerned citizens to assist in this effort by finding foster homes and/or helping fundraise money to support the care of the animal. Space is a major constraint on our ability to take an animal, so please consider opening your home as a foster or finding a friend/coworker to foster.  Many of our current volunteers became involved after finding a stray animal and personally working through this process. ARF is a volunteer run organization and we encourage all animal lovers to get involved. Learn more about our foster program here.


If you find a stray animal and bring it into your home, we advise you call your local animal control to get information on how to proceed. A vet's office will scan for a microchip for free, so we recommend this as a first course of action if you do find a stray animal. You should also post found dogs online on your neighborhood's nextdoor.com page and on facebook. The MSPCA runs a lost/found group on Facebook for the Mobile area and we encourage you to list on other community pages as well. Social media is a very powerful took that allows many stray animals to reunited with their owners.


Orphaned Kittens


If you find very young kittens, first read this article to properly determine if the kittens have truly been orphaned. Kittens are best left with a mom for nursing so care must be taken to determine if kittens have truly been orphaned.


As a volunteer run organization, ARF's ability to help very young kittens is completely determined by the availbility of a foster home to care for newborn kittens. Kittens that are not able to eat solid food require round the clock care. As detailed above, ARF does not have the capacity to deal with immediate requests so if you intervene to help young kittens please be aware they will need food and care every few hours. Read more about caring for newborn kittens here.


Questions? Email intakes@animalrescuemobile.org




* Looking for financial assistance in getting a pet spayed/neutered? Check out this resource.


* Need behavioral help? Check out these online resources:


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* Mobile area dog trainers - ARF only recommends positive reinforcement training methods!


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