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ARF is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to rescuing homeless dogs and cats in Mobile! Be a part of this lifesaving effort!

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Introducing the

Chill Time Project

In real life, a dog living in a home spends a lot of quiet time.  The family is at work, watching TV, reading or napping.  Our dogs at ARF are in constant movement and their only interaction with people is usually the volunteers cleaning their kennels, feeding or walking them.  This keeps them in a constant state of excitement and arousal.


We want to give our dogs the opportunity to experience what home life is really like.  “The Nothing Exercise” has been developed to combat the problem.  The goal of this exercise is to teach the dog to settle down, relax and take a nap in the presence of a human.


There are simulated living rooms at ARF, complete with sofas, rugs, paintings and lamps where you can bring a good book, stretch out on the sofa and ignore the dog on the floor!!!


We believe this quiet time is essential for the wellbeing of all our dogs.


So would you like to spend some time with one of our dogs doing absolutely nothing?


Just submit a volunteer application and select Chill Time. Easy as that!

To read more about this project go to:


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