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People food and dogs don't mix!

By Ali, Nov 11 2014 03:04AM

Thanksgiving is fast approaching! Even though big meals and other goodies are a staple for humans this time of year, the same shouldn't apply to your dogs!

You should always avoid giving the following people food to your dogs:


Onions or Garlic

Grapes or Raisins


Xylitol (found in sugar free gum and some sugar free baked goods)

Most everyone knows dogs and chocolate don't mix but the others are often overlooked. Garlic, onions and everything else in this family of foods should be avoided because they can cause damage to a dog's red blood cells. But, people love to season food with garlic and onions so it is hard to find tablescraps that are free of these ingredients.

While some dogs may be OK if they ingest small amounts of these toxic foods, every dog is different. The size and breed of your dog as well as other medical conditions will determine each individual dog's reaction to ingesting one of these items. The safest bet is to avoid these ingredients altogether and to consult your vet if Fido does accidentally consume something from this list.

What about other people food free? Too many table scraps for Fido can lead to obesity and sometimes worse! Did you know a fatty meal can cause pancreatitis -inflammation of the pancreas? A severe case of pancreatitis can make your furry friend very sick and require hospitalization for IV fluids, blood tests and more.

Instead, celebrate this holiday season with some healthier dog friendly snacks like carrot sticks or slices of apple (remove core and seeds). Or even add a spoonful of canned pumpkin (plain 100% pumpkin, no pie seasonings added) to kibble. The extra fiber is great for dogs!

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